The Golden Rule is here!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!


No…the pools aren’t open yet-the other day you’ve been waiting for. haha The Golden Rule is now available and the reviews have been so very humbling.

“I just finished the story. It makes me want to laugh and dance and proclaim my happiness from the top of the building.” -Ooha Biddala

“Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s writing style is so universally beautiful. I really love this book. My first thought was; I wish every racist person could read “The Golden Rule” because it shows we all live in this world and it does not have to be such a warring experience. I am certain children will love this book. But, as an adult, I could not put it down.”-Linda Diane Wattley

“If there was ever the need for a picture book, The Golden Rule fills today’s need in a society where diversity is being portrayed as an excuse for exclusion and building walls instead of bridges.”-Keep Calm and Novel On

“This is a wonderful book that takes all into different cultures and why the golden rule is something all of us should live by.”-P.S. Winn

“A perfect message for celebrating diversity and so timely for the world we live in.”-Carlos Herndon



The “Golden Rule” is for everyone. When a young girl starts to learn about the different ways to say it, she finds that every culture and faith has their own way to express the “Golden Rule”. Celebrate the love of diversity and acceptance in this beautifully illustrated tale.

About the Author (that’s me-in case you didn’t know haha):

Jessica is the author The Golden Rule, Embracing Entropy, and My Family Is Different. She also works as a freelance editor and is a current member of the Missouri Writers Guild and SCBWI. Her articles and stories have been featured in a wide variety of publications including Outposts of Beyond, The Lorelei Signal, Everyday Fiction and many more. Check her out at


I’ve never been so happy to share one of my stories. Hugs for everyone!

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