The Golden Rule Goes Subterranean!

Dreams come true one at a time, and last night I got to have one of mine realized!


I got to do a reading and sign copies of my new children’s book, “The Golden Rule,” at my favorite bookstore with my illustrator. Subterranean Books has been my go to since I was a teenager. From the moment I was old enough to drive to the St. Louis Loop and explore all the wonders Delmar has to offer, Subterranean has been a must.


The staff is always friendly. They keep great books in stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they are happy to order it. The welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by the awesome presence of Teddy (an adorably loving Dotson).


I love getting out and being able to connect with people in person. It’s nice to play online, but sometimes just being in a room with your readers and feeling their energy off offers inspiration.


I love working with Laura Winship-Fanaei! She is a fantastic artist who has this exceptional ability to pull images out of my head without needing much direction.

Laura illustrated my first children’s book, “My Family Is Different,” and “The Golden Rule,” turned out even better. It is so nice to be able to hand your story to someone who loves reading and can translate your thoughts into a physical image. The color play and artistry that is sparked by my silly ideas, brings everything together and allows me to be proud of our work.


The turnout was great. We hit maximum capacity, and I got to read, “The Golden Rule,” without hiccuping, or falling over. (I did stumble through a couple of words, but that happens every time! haha)


The staff at Subterranean books provided us with plenty of time and space to meet & greet everyone. Since it’s a children’s picture book I was able to read the entire story to everyone, and still have time for some Q & A before we signed copies.


Added bonus: my lovely sister is a cupcake goddess-which means I got to eat my book! (We had the best book cupcakes to spread the love) And afterwards I took the remaining sweets and got to play the cupcake fairy. Just imagine me running around the city handing out cupcakes to random strangers. teehee


It was a spectacular event and a night I’m sure to never forget. The support and love that I find from readers, and book lovers everywhere, is more than I had ever hoped for. Getting published is not just about getting a book released, it is about reaching out and connecting with people.


Local bookshops are the lifeblood of indie authors. They support us as our name is still growing, and continue to encourage us as our careers flourish. I always feel at home in the places that are really connected to the community.

And that’s really what, “The Golden Rule,” is about-remembering that we have a lot to share.

Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuu, my dear readers. You guys are the best!

Now get out there and spread the love.

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