Midwest Book Reviewy

Reviews are love.


Even the harsh ones have something to offer an author. I’ve been lucky enough to not receive any truly harrowing reviews of my work. I’m sure someday, someone out there will give something I write a 1 star review and then I will truly be broken in as a seasoned writer, but today is not that day.

jean luc.gif

Every single person who takes the time to provide their thoughts on my writing has given me a greater gift that I can express. I may be stubborn, but I am not afraid to utilize criticism to improve. That’s the fun of being an author. You can get better and better is you listen and WORK.

I wrote my latest children’s book, The Golden Rule, after gaining some feedback from my 1st picture book, My Family Is Different, and the response is exceptionally encouraging.

After a lovely weekend away, I returned home to receive a preview of the Midwest Book Review’s piece on, The Golden Rule. Whenever submitting for feedback with a major publication, I try to remind myself that I am NOT entitled to anything in this business and if they pass on the opportunity to write about my work, that’s how things go. BUT, thankfully, with this story, people seem to be hungry to share it and praise the simple concept.



“The Golden Rule opens the door for meaningful discussions and goes where few other books about faith can lead as a young narrator considers the various rules to live by and how they apply to a child’s view of the world.”-D. Donovan, Senior Review for the Midwest Book Review.

You can read the entire piece in next month’s issue!


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