Love me some KC

In just over 3 weeks I get to go back to Kansas City and I am ready. I’ve never met a city I didn’t like. It’s easy when you look for the good in places and their people. But there are areas I prefer better than others.

I have a soft spot for Kansas City, maybe because it’s close to home. That does help. That’s not all of it though.


Kansas City is like a nicer, cleaner St. Louis. St. Louis is far from perfect, but it’s home and despite what the media portrays, there are plenty of good things happening here.

Still I find the 3 hour drive to KC to be a refreshing trip. There’s some countryside and usually a little fog in the early morning. Then you get close to civilization and the city becomes visible. Beautiful architecture graces your eyes and you find that unlike LA or New York, smog hasn’t made it there yet. Gas isn’t too pricy, and parking isn’t difficult to find.

The Kansas City Pagan Pride day is held at Merriam Marketplace. Hosted under a spacious pavilion perfect for farmer’s markets and craft fairs, everyone is welcome and there’s always some new treasure to find. The vendors range from locals to wandering witches who live like modern Romani. I’m kind of an in-betweener. I love dwelling close to come, but do sometimes fantasize about living on the road and hitting events across the country,  maybe someday the globe.

Every crowd is different. I haven’t met a bad one yet. Kansas City seems to attract not only spiritualists but philosophers from all kinds of religions who just enjoy the power of good company. Book lovers, artisans, craft addicts come in waves to manhandle everything that was made by hands longing to pass the goodies to someone who will appreciate it.

pagan 2

Some book signings are held by libraries, some are hosted by schools or community centers. I love them all. Getting to return to an event like this renews one’s sense of peace.

There is a lot going on in the world all the time. It’s easy to fall prey to negativity and division. We all get there.

Remembering the human connection and experiencing the best of what others have to offer is the antidote. Coming together to celebrate our similarities instead of arguing about our difference will always be the way to heal wounds old and new.

At least that’s what works for me.

Sept 10th 2017 is the next stop on the book tour. I’ll be goofing around Merriam Marketplace for the day. If you can’t join me, I hope you’ve got something equally as fun planned.

I do need to announce that I will not be able to attend the Chicago book signing due to conflicting dates. My apologies to anyone who was planning on attending. It’s been a hell of a year. I plan to offer more tour dates over a broader range of stops next year to make up for all the discrepancies that have occurred this summer.

It’s been a rough go in some areas, and much smoother in others. That’s the wiring life. Don’t worry – I never give up.

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