She Won!

The winners of the 2017 New Apple ebook awards were supposed to be announced on Tuesday. Mercury’s in retrograde, which used to mean gibberish to me, but if you’ve felt like a popped balloon lately, it’s connected. haha


By lunch I hadn’t been notified and figured someone else’s work won. But then hope arrived in a the glimmer of a short email stating that the awards committee was backed up. The announcements were pushed off until Friday…today…August 18th 2017.


I’ve been keeping busy all week. Revising, writing, and editing. Petting the bunny, playing with the kids, fantasizing about life without a chocolate allergy – the usual.

Then I got an email.


Writers get these a lot. (Well, not penguin hugs, but I couldn’t resist)


We’re prone to rejection. Criticism is often offered. Much of what I do feels cold through the tech wall.

BUT (yest, there is a but), this wasn’t a sorry-you-didn’t-make-the-cut, run-of-the-mill, dash-my-dreams email.

I won.


We won.


The Golden Rule has received it’s first award and you all make me as proud as punch. See, I’m so shocked I just said “proud as punch”, who talks like that nowadays?


I keep thinking, I don’t know what to say. But obviously I do since I keep writing, and posting, and am blogging. I’ve also spend a lot of time (since getting the news) staring at my little Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on my desk and thinking, I used to get in trouble for making up stories when I was a kid and now they’ve given me an award for it!

Of course this book has more truth than fiction, but it is not a true story. Also I have learned the difference between reality and fantasy after many years of mixing the two in my head, though my sister may beg to differ (I am a giant child).

But enough rambling!

Can I just say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who reads my work and even the people who don’t? (Because I’m coming after you next. You will read my work and you will like it! heehee JK…kind of)

I write to share. And I share to connect. Awards do not make an author, but they do offer a little extra approval. This helps me to not overly criticize myself and, in turn, helps readers keep getting new material from me.

So, thanks to everyone: The readers, The New Apples, my publisher,  my awesome illustrator, George Sirious for doing the audiobook, my sister and her husband for their formatting eyes, my fiance for his crazy mind, my kids for being little balls of inspiration, and the universe for existing.

(Yes…I just thanked the universe…time to end this post)

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