Last Stop!

This train is always chugging along, but the 2017 book tour is about to retire. I always love getting out with other book lovers. Sharing adventures and stories is what all of this is all about. It’s been a hell of a ride and I would be happy to see any or all of you this Saturday October 14th at the Spencer Rd. Library Branch in St. Charles, MO from 10am-2pm.


Just a skip over the river from home, I like to always close the year’s tour out close to where it all started for me. I’ve had a lot of luck in my career, maybe not as much as some, but we’re always moving forward.


This year had some rocky moments. I’ve been wavering in my genre hopping. It’s fun at first, but eventually catches up to an author. I had to cancel 3 events due to many factors, but now that everything is refocused and my path is clearer I’m ready to do what I do best on Saturday.


As always this event is HUGE. There are great authors with amazing books, wonderful book lovers, and refreshments. So pop in, nab a cookie, and find a new story.


I can’t say what the 2018 calendar is looking like just yet. If you have any specific requests of where you would like me to travel, drop me a comment. I have a list of places I have yet to reach, and I am determined to get to every one of them in time.


Keep reading, and if I don’t see you Saturday, thanks for the love!

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