November’s Share Your Short Story Winner.

I always love finding new stories to read!

Stevie Turner

Once again I’ve had a really hard time choosing my favourite story this month.  There’s been a great variety of subjects and I had to read all the stories several times before I made up my mind.  It was definitely harder this month to pick out a winner, and at one point I felt like giving every story a laurel.

However, one rather compelling tale stood out.  I wouldn’t say it was particularly family friendly, but it affected me in ways that I don’t really want to explain, and I had to choose it instead of passing it by.  It’s by Mitch Lavender, and it’s called ‘I Observed’.  Here’s the link below.  Please visit Mitch’s site and read his powerful words:

Well done Mitch!  Here’s your laurel.  I’ll be promoting this story on my Facebook and Twitter sites and in my December newsletter, and if Mitch gives his permission…

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