What to get an author

Writers are the EASIEST people to find gifts for.


From red pens to goofy mugs that pander to our vanity, the BEST present is usually something one can offer for FREE.

What could possibly make an author want to run upside down on the ceiling with glee?



Reviews and word-of-mouth are still the only 100% proven marketing tools. Readers trust each other, or at least we trust the majority of other readers. The more reviews there are, the easier it is for someone to feel out a book.


We’re all busy. It’s hard enough to find time to read. No one wants to waste what little free time they have on a book they’ll hate.


Schedules are tighter than even, but taking 5 minutes from your day to sit down and post a review to amazon, goodreads, and/or Barnes & Noble and you may have just helped an author afford to keep writing.


We do like silly gag gifts too though. teehee


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