Sapphire (An 8 year old’s first story)

Encouraging other authors and artists adds to the joys of being a writer. There is nothing I love more than finding new talent, new stories, new ideas to aid my wild imagination. Usually I find indie authors who blow my mind, but young writers offer a completely different perspective and remind me how little we adults actually know in comparison.


Something about growing up stunts our ability to see things as they could be instead of how they are. Reality whacks you on the head and you can’t blame yourself for growing tougher and a bit more cynical. My main goal is to never forget being a kid. I aim to always jump on the bed, climb trees, chase butterflies, roll down hills, and go searching for hidden worlds beyond what we know.


My daughter is the embodiment of this sense of adventure and has taken to writing her own little stories. When she first came to me and told me she wanted to type one up and submit it somewhere, I grew nervous for her. I didn’t want the pang of rejection to bite too early and deter her from continuing  her whimsical journey through life.

Silly me.


Despite my drive to teach and allow my kids to experience life unsheltered, I still hesitated. Then I got over it and encouraged the hell out of her. If she hasn’t already, she will surpass me and I couldn’t be happier. There is some kind of hope that my little ones will master whatever they love to do and succeed. No matter what my successes or failures bring I wish for them to do better.


Somewhere deep inside I wish this for everyone. I know it’s unrealistic, but there’s something about seeing others triumph that gives me hope for everything.


So check out my 8 year old’s 1st published story, “Sapphire.” I think she’s well on her way.


7 thoughts on “Sapphire (An 8 year old’s first story)

  1. Iriowen says:

    Omg! You daughter is so talented. 🌺💖 The mermaid & Atlantis story is awesome. Don’t let her give writing up! 💁
    I remember when I was her age I had a wild imagination too, but my parents didn’t know better. 😊

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