Not Bad At All

My son is just a week old and we’ve been chilling at home enjoying the love. Slowing down isn’t my style, but things have been quiet on the home front, so of course it came as a huge surprise to find out that I won two MO Writer’s Guild Awards.

I was feeling ambitious a few months ago and submitted two different pieces for the annual President’s Contests, hoping that one might win. The first was my non-fiction piece, “English Escape” that is featured in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book: Inspiration for Teachers.


The second entry was my children’s picture book, “The Golden Rule.” Based in truth, this fiction tale has received a lot of love and has been building bridges far beyond my limited reach.


Both display different aspects of my writing and both won third place!


I’ve been preoccupied with the latest addition to my family, but I am so happy to share all the good news.


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