Best Friend Bunnies

She’s done it again. My 8 year old (writing as Anna Rose) not only wrote a fun story, but she got it published in this month’s issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine!

When I was a kid I spend my summers running around doing nothing; my 8 year old is getting paid to publish her stories! Anyone who says kids nowadays lack merit, or hard work, or whatever the old coots are complaining about, don’t know the nature of determination.

Most of the kids I’ve known and worked with want to excel at something, they just need the proper encouragement and guidance. My daughter’s love of writing sparked from her adoration of books. I was nervous when she first started asking about publishing, but I’m so excited for her.

This latest story, “Best Friend Bunnies,” is a cute adventure tale. If you have any kids who have any interest in reading, or writing stories, have them check it out. (It’s also fun for adults who are big kids)

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