Talk About Writing

I’m about to sit down and record my guest talk for the Bards and Sages eFestival of Words. If there’s anything I love more than writing it’s talking about writing. Going over my process and issues that all writers face helps me to expand my knowledge and learn from my own mistakes.


Sometimes we don’t realize what we know and how it correlates to our work until we talk it out. But for workshops and guest speaking there always needs to be a theme and points to back up your knowledge of the subject.

This specific talk is on the dyslexic writer. I unfortunately know a lot about this being dyslexic myself. A lot of people have certain ideas of what dyslexia is or how it affects the writing world, but how many successful authors push through this learning disability? Should dyslexics edit and beta read? Are there potential benefits to something that most see as a problem?


These are all questions I intend to answer. Through my experiences and the research I’ve done on some well-known authors, writing with a crazy brain doesn’t have to be debilitating. Yes, some people will mistake different ways of seeing the world as stupidity. There are editors who need to know how your mind works in order to know that certain errors are not just laziness or rushing.


I always get a blast of energy before a talk. It’s a mixture of nervousness and elation at the opportunity to share my experiences. I do prefer speaking live because you can feel the energy of the listeners and read their needs to cater the conversation to their concerns, but videos reach broader audiences and can be watched multiple times in case someone misses something.

There’s less personal connection, but more information shared building a different kind of bond. FREE and available online starting August 17th-the 19th, I encourage all writers and readers to check out this eFestival and offer any comments or questions they have.


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