Release day is 2 weeks from Friday and the new Fantastic Tales of Terror Anthology is already reaching new readers. It’s currently at #49 in horror collections, but has grabbed #3 in new horror anthology releases!

These genre and sub genre breakdowns give an author perspective. They help us to gauge where we’re at and what readers want. I enjoyed every second of researching, plotting, and executing my contribution to this book. My editor and fellow authors are all eager for reviews and feedback so we highly appreciate this jump start for release day.

October 26th is going to be a great day for a read.

As always, I have to thank you guys for sticking with me and my stories. I always held more imagination than my brain or body could contain, but lacked the proper skills to translate thought into word when I first got into the publishing world. Somehow I have learned and absorbed enough to be featured with best-sellers in Fantastic Tales of Terror and I’m grateful.

Thanks for reading. You know my readers are the best readers.


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