Coming to get you in December

Of all my work talking about writing is what comes most naturally. Ideas flit about my and daze my head, sitting down to capture them is a task that takes time and patience. Finding the right fit to give it life sometimes seems impossible. But expressing the joys and sorrows of being a “writer” is the easiest part of my job.


Maybe that’s because I make half of what I do up as I go.


Or could it be that I use workshops and panels as a way to escape the pressure?

Whatever it is I found myself asked to contribute a chapter to a book about writing. And like a lot of authors my ego inflated a bit. I had to pop it down to actually write out my piece. I am no Steven King and this is not “On Writing.”

Even the greats admit they got lucky. Sure talent feeds in, but there is no one method to success in the publishing world. That’s why my next project is so important. Instead of pumping out a book on MY process and what works for ME, the lovely people at Crystal Lake Publishing created a series of books including numerous authors to offer many perspectives on how to navigate your own writing career.


The first installment, Where Nightmares Come From, was released last year before I was invited to work with this awesome publisher. My contribution is slated to be released in the second installment titled, It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life.

Every writer and wannabe needs this book.

My chapter is about self-editing struggles and the things you need to know to get acceptances (and not annoy readers).  We have a plethora of amazing names including some Best-Sellers.

So get ready, December 14th is release day…

6 thoughts on “Coming to get you in December

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