Another One on the Way

I love writing different stories. The more I publish the more concise my style and voice come through. Children’s and non-fiction are my favorite genres but I still dabble in fantasy and horror when invited to do so or if a story is too good to avoid.


The people over at WriterWriter recognized this and I was invited to write for an anthology I couldn’t pass up. This new project titled, “Dark Dominions,” explores the harsher side of fantasy. There are many things to face in life and that come through in nearly everyone’s writing. What sets this collection apart is that they are publishing a truly egalitarian book.

Equality has become a political word now. Instead of pushing female authors over males, or fighting over idealism in publishing, WriterWriter is publishing stories that are written equally by men and women who have both male AND female characters.


It’s a 50/50 spilt and all authors are paid the same. No politics necessary, just good old fashioned writing from both the male and female perspective.


I never wish for my anatomy to dictate what I write, but it is a part of me. Because I’m me, I of course ended up writing a classic male epic with a modern twist. It is the best of my work and there will be much to celebrate as the stories unfold.

This indie project has a lot going for it. The Kickstarter campaign begins next month and release day is Nov. 5th!

Dark Dominions Timeline

Look out for the cover reveal and further information. For now, here’s a little taste of what we’re doing:

Fantasy storytelling at its best.  Rich with 18 new and original tales by emerging and award-winning fantasy authors alike including MORGAN WRIGHT, DAVID COLLINS, NICOLE SCARANO, JAMES STEVENS, LUCY SPOONER, LIONEL RAY GREEN, JESSICA MARIE BAUMGARTNER, and JOSHUA ROBERTSON, these stories bring us tales of fear, courage, love and sacrifice in worlds of death and tyranny.

Pave the way for indomitable male and female characters. Principled assassins, gifted orphans of fire- wielding warrior bloodlines, high priestesses in possession of magical ink, and sisters born of blood, war and cruelty. Lies. Hidden secrets. Truths to be unravelled.

Join us in worlds where a forest is marked by death, both for those who enter and those who survive it. Where a warrior as old as time is resurrected to not only fight the darkest of foes but also to come to terms with who she has now become. Where a prime assassin who has never missed a mark begins a dance with his most elusive target yet, a mysterious and alluring witch. Where an elf knight is able to influence real-life events through magical tapestries. And where a young princess encounters danger and deception amid a border war where defeat means the end of her freedom and the ruin of her kingdom.

Welcome to Dark Dominions.

“A magnificent journey through lands of wonder and imagination.”

– Ken Stark, Multi-Award Winning Author

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