I’m in the St. Louis Post Dispatch!


I’m supposed to be on writing hiatus…

I know, I know

But after the Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time ever I woke up yesterday with an urge to share my fav hockey story. It has no ice or pucks in it, just a young pro player doing something nice for a couple of kids, one of which grew up to be a writer.

I asked my husbs if it was a silly idea to write it and send it out. He said: You tell everyone that story, might as well tell the city.

It got snatched up by the St. Louis Post Dispatch and I’m happy to not just share it with the city, but the world.

A lot of people think sports are a mindless distraction to more important issues. And maybe they are a little, but to me they are an expression of teamwork and love for our neighbors and community. Sports can help us feel better during the worst day of our lives. The Stanley Cup championship has given my mom something to smile about while her husband is stuck in a hospital bed trying to get better after cancer surgery. It has given him a reprieve fro the pain and uncertainty.

There is more to sports than just jocularity.


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