We need to Talk About the Corporatocracy

I love respectful political discourse. Healthy polite debate.

I’m also an educated mother of 3 who sometimes gets sucked into internet discussions because I can’t always keep my mouth shut. When defending my position I assume the person who disagrees with me is an intelligent polite being. I do my best to be kind and keep things clean, so why shouldn’t others?


When a person insults my intelligence they reveal more about their ignorance than their knowledge. It is usually the people who avoid answering or addressing logical points and insult their opponent who are ill-informed of lacking in education on the issue they feel so strongly about.

Higher intelligence breeds calm, reserve. Those who scream and lash out are acting on impulse instead of well thought out responses.


I don’t usually sweat it. I don’t have to have the last word. Sometimes you have to take the Mark Twain approach and not argue with those unable to meet your mental achievement. Then there are serious issues caused by other factors─the main one being, a misleading education system.

Those wishing to better themselves and their understanding of the world around them don’t just listen to teachers and accept whatever they are taught in school. Teachers are people and hold bias, as do learning institutions based on how they are funded.


It’s impossible to avoid. Everyone can try to be impartial but we’re all human.


The latest debate I entered was about capitalism. Yes, that wonderful concept that people love to throw around and hate on lately.


I actually won the arguments after having a group of guys jump on me and try to mansplain away my dictionary definitions and logically presented factual evidence. But there is no prize in revealing a common misconception.

These guys believed that capitalism is some kind of corporate slavery. It is a common belief. It’s not hard to find numerous opinions about the evils of capitalism. Someone laughed at me for believing that capitalism is about owning things for yourself or a free market.


For anyone questioning my intelligence here is the dictionary definition of capitalism:

An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.


(Please keep reading haha)

The U.S. stopped being a capitalist society the second that the government bailed out the banks and car companies. When the Supreme Court ruled that businesses have the same rights as individuals they screwed us all.

The word we’re looking for to describe the kind of crooked business practices that have taken hold of the country over the past 12 years is: corporatocracy. Still a budding term, it is an economic system controlled by corporations and corporate interest.

The term may be new but the concept is not. Mussolini pulled this crap with his people. He wanted the government to run all corporations and the government to be his corporation.

The people didn’t stand for it. They developed the Italian underground and took him down.

American history doesn’t often cover this because it was around WWII and we spend sooo much time revealing the evils of Hitler and genocide in Germany (It was horrid but not the entire story). Let’s not even worry about the fact that Stalin killed more people, and Mussolini nearly destroyed his country.

We also ignored Maoist crimes against humanity that lasted well into the 70s, because it’s inconvenient to properly teach World History. ~All that really matters is World Wars, ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, right?~


I don’t hate capitalism.


It was because of capitalism that when my rocky childhood shattered I was able to work full-time to support myself AND still go to high school (for free) to get my diploma. It was because of the free market that I was able to work hard enough to buy a car, get a good college education, own my own piece of land with a nice little house on it, and jump into a career as a full-time writer.

It is because of capitalism and the free market that I was saved from a brief stint of homelessness.


Now, the corporatocracy has changed the game.

Homeowners know the pinch. Small business owners and freelancers are feeling the cut backs. The belt has tightened so much for the sake of industry and corporate greed that we struggle to budget enough money for food in one of the richest countries on the planet. Think about that.

Monopoly laws seem to hold no weight anymore. Neither does the concept of friendly competition. You have major corporations that make a living off of swooping in to buy up or outsell any mom-and-pop shop that threatens their earnings. A once free-market has diminished to a full on cold war between big box stores and unique hand crafted retailers. Artistry is being destroyed by mass production. Quantity over quality.


But we allowed it.

the few people who try to stand up against it get laughed at or torn down. facts,

Instead of screaming about capitalism we need to call it what it is and work toward repealing the corporatocracy. We need to rise up like those in Italy who said “NO!” to Mussolini.

We need to properly educate ourselves and help others by guiding them to the facts instead of shouting, “You’re wrong!”

We need to make every damn dollar count. That is the only vote you get in a corporatocracy.


We can sit on our fat lazy asses and complain about how tough life is while we eat discount cake and buy more Marvel Movies.


The media is run by corporations who don’t like innovation. They like servants who keep spending. Capitalism isn’t slavery, it is the right to work for what you have and be proud of your accomplishments. It is what allowed the American dream.

I was able to build myself up from nothing. I have lived the American dream and watched it be destroyed by the corporatocray while indoctrinated students run around crying about how evil capitalism is.

“Miscommunication leads to complications.”


Miseducation leads to indoctrination.


(Hang on)

I’m willing to discuss the possibility that maybe this is what capitalism always devolves into. Maybe, like socialism, capitalism has an expiration date and when the benefits of that system are manipulated and destroyed by ruling bodies, everyone suffers except those in charge.


I am not too full of myself to question the cycle of economics in relation to our current situation. The cycle of government is curving full swing toward everything this country stood against.

The question is: Will we be ready?

Or will we be so busy arguing with each other that we become trapped?


A truly intelligent being does not wish to put others down in an effort to prove their superiority; they work to properly educate and absorb differing opinions to broaden their mind and improve situations.

Please remember that the next time you find your fingers racing across a keyboard, or you throw money at something cheaply made and distributed by a corporation.

8 thoughts on “We need to Talk About the Corporatocracy

  1. swabby429 says:

    Benito Mussolini coined the term, “fascismo” or as we know it “fascism”. He pushed fascism as totalitarian corporatism. The U.S. and much of the west have been heading in that direction during the past few years. The merger of corporate and government power when paired with the private prison system and mercenary military forces is something terrible to contemplate, but we are almost there. It’s not if fascism will close in on us, it is when. There is still a little bit of time to prevent this from coming to fruition.

  2. America On Coffee says:

    Your intro presence was great and Sonia your stance. Many of us worldwide are not against corporations corporations, but are against what corporations are becoming which is a big mix of globalization in the mix of fascism into a totalitarianism of a new world order/NWO. The fruits of the global agenda is rot upon people in nearly every nation, imprisoning them into poverty and socialism. Evil, greed and chaos are the blinding forces of the 21st Century. Those that are benefiting from the system will eventually be betrayed. Evil is destructive and keeps destroying. We cannot deny Biblical prophecy, because these times will continually unfold into evil truths. Cheers!

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      It’s terrifying to hypothesize where this could lead. You’re not wrong there. Still I have this undying hope and faith for the future. The more I talk to people on an individual level the more I realize they’re not for letting this beast snowball. Humans are resilient. The planet knows how to knock us back if needs be. It’s a strange time to be a writer haha

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