I’m an Author not a Baker!

My eldest is 10 years old today!

Because I love my kids and would literally do anything for them, I agreed to make a 3-tiered Harry Potter cake with all her ideas. I love baking for fun and making things from scratch but never have I EVER done any kind of tiers.

To give myself a little stress-relief, I bought box cake and pre-made icing.

(I feel so dirty. It’s horrid)

Thankfully I watch funny youtube cake shows like man About Cake and How to Cake it, so I thought I had decorating in the bag. I thought of filming my genius, but decided against the added pressure.



I mean, in the past I was able to create some pretty cool images, so how hard could it be? (Famous last words)

anna cake 2


anna cake 3
Okay, Cinderella turned into a DRAG queen but she rocked her dress
anna cake 4
From my daughter’s black phase

This time around she wanted specific layers:

Bottom=Chocolate for Harry with Gryffindor colors-sounded cool enough

Middle=Strawberry for Ron (the ginger) with jellybeans like Bertie Botts beans, but I used Starburst ones instead to avoid vomit flavors.

Top=Vanilla for Hermoine and Crookshanks (who was playing in the snow)

Piece of cake…

cake 1

Bake a bunch of layers, ice and stack them

cake 2

Add hideous Gryffindor colors that look like Ronald McDonald’s dream…

Now add a bunch of supports, either straws or wooden rods to keep the cake from imploding when you add the next layer.

Then start stacking the middle tier, icing the layers as you set them perfectly on top of the supports.

Add hideous clashing icing

cake 3

Individually place jelly beans on icing because you’re afraid to mess anything up or drop them all over the bottom tier.

cake 4

Now comes the fun part.

cake 5

Add more supports and start stacking and icing the top tier.

Go ahead, make it way to tall and skinny, it’s become an experiment in gravitational forces.

cake 6

Crookshanks isn’t white, but who cares? My daughter wanted a vanilla cat tier for Hermoine.

cake 7

This IS a Harry Potter cake, right?

cake 8

Of course, see them all there. Even Hagrid came to marvel at this mess.

And to top it off and really give me pride in my work…

Cake 10

Watch as the supports do nothing and the cake slowly turns into the leaning tower of Hogwarts.

Haha I had fun making it. My daughter loves it. Who cares it it will stay in tact for the party? It can be cut up and set out. It all digests the same.

We’re having a laugh and I’m sure it will be a fun story later, I already enjoyed typing up this post. Instead of running around screaming “The cake is falling,” I realize perfection is overrated. I mean broken cookies always taste better, so maybe lop sided cake is even sweeter.

I’ll stick to writing and only bake for my kids to save you all the horror of experiencing this madness first hand.

So yeah, buy my books to keep me from going after some crazy baker dream


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