Treat THIS, not THAT

I keep wanting to write happy stuff to keep people smiling, but Monday mornings I am all fired up!

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of the week that makes our heads explode, maybe it’s the news cycle, the switch over, or whatever, but I have to say something about something every damn time and with my sense of humor it’s not so bad. The dark side isn’t an evil force when keeping balance in your life.


You may be wondering what the hell I’m talking about. I’m not even sure I know anymore. But what I DO know is that while people are either praising the quarantine for saving lives/“flattening the curve” or protesting the shut downs because this is all an overreaction based on the lower number of cases and deaths, I’m over here shaking my head.

I’ve hit a point where I believe it all.


I think everything is correct to a degree. Sure we’ve overreacted to a flu-like illness, but that has also saved lives. Sure China is a huge human-rights violator and has some shady ties but their wet markets are already reopened and the world didn’t explode. Our country is polarized, but why shouldn’t it be. We’re a free people, meaning: we all have the right to disagree and hate or love whatever we want.

Maybe none of this is real and I’m a simulation…


Who knows? None of that matters anyway.

People live and they die. Lately more people are dying of chronic illness because testing and treatments are being pushed back for the COVID-19 quarantine…. Apparently letting people die of treatable illnesses to save others from a virus that has a 97%-ish survival rate is the latest trend in modern medicine.


Who cares that heart disease and cancer kill far more people than this scary coronavirus? Make those patients wait.


Who cares that the two main medications being used to treat this virus are safe by themselves but LETHAL to diabetics when combined. When they die it just inflates the death toll and allows political opportunists to continue screaming about the threat of COVID-19. Let’s completely ignore that it was the meds that killed these innocent diabetics, not the virus itself.


Who cares that it has been PROVEN that coronavirus is combated or even completely killed by sunlight, heat, and humidity. Summer is coming, but “what about next flu season?” Let’s keep the fear in people so the media gets their clicks and everyone stays home and gets sick in other ways.


It’s hilarious how backwards we are. How easily we give up reasoning and forget our inherent rights for the illusion of temporary security.


My home personally is a bright happy place with new flowers blooming, birds and bees and wildlife abound. But my life is not untouched. A family member was recently diagnosed with cancer and they had to wait so long for test results (due to COVID-19) that it’s spread quite well. Great for cancer, not so great for this loved one who now has about 6 months left to live.


We’ll never know if the quarantine made this death more eminent. What we DO know is that more and more people are dealing with this. Dialysis, surgeries, and other medical treatments are being postponed for what may be the greatest mistake in history, but who cares right?

At least everyone feels like a hero for sitting at home.


I truly wish everyone well and hope that no one in their bubble has a serious illness. American medicine evolved from field medicine. It was bred and cultivated for quick fixes, not long-lasting treatments that take everything into account.

Be smart. Trust your instincts. Don’t let anyone tell you what is best. If you need help, get it, fight for it, and do what is necessary.

Pond 12

2 thoughts on “Treat THIS, not THAT

  1. SpookyMrsGreen says:

    I have to agree with you. Over here in the UK we are wondering why the government took so long to enforce lockdown and also why so many deaths have occurred in care homes for the elderly but were kept out of official death statistics for almost a month. I personally feel like this is some sort of attempt at population control, killing off the people that cost more money to the health service, but maybe I’m being cynical. A close friend just lost her mother to C-19 and I am devastated that I cannot be with my friend to comfort her. Attending the funeral via weblink was a bizarre experience. I guess ultimately we have to make individual choices and hope for the best…

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