Good News, Big Deal!

I love sharing good news. I want to spread my love and positivity in the hopes that whatever goals you’re working toward feel a little bit closer. It’s the reason I fell into writing.


I never made the conscious decision to become a writer. It was a request by an avid reader who wanted me to share my story, my experiences; my spirit. Once I started, more people asked me to keep writing and so I did. YOU are the reason I sit here today, typing. YOU have granted me more opportunities and energies than anyone else connected to the publishing industry. There are plenty of people working as editors and publishers to also thank, but right now I am overwhelmed with the news I have to share.


This month will mark my 9th year of professional writing (getting paid to write). I didn’t get the early start some authors do, but I’m not as seasoned as others yet either.

Throughout my career I have stumbled through the unknown, taken good deals and bad deals, connected with a vast network of readers, authors, editors, and publishers. I dove in head first with no idea how things would turn out, but somehow the wind keeps blowing me in the right direction.


With each misstep, each failure I’ve learned to veer and sway toward the best path for me and my writing. It has been more than emotional; writing has become spiritual. Even the funny stuff. Humor is the color of my life and so it washes away the disappointment when deals fall through and brightens the best aspects of being. But right now permit me a moment to get a little sentimental.

I was recently offered the biggest deal of my career.


It’s not what I expected (It never is). Many writers imagine clawing their way onto an agent’s radar, winning them over and finding the proper representation that leads to best seller’s lists.

Nope. Not me. I just HAVE to be different.


I am still currently without an agent. (Which means more for me right now─funny how that works). It’s not a big fantasy or horror deal. The speculative fiction is more for me. I will always write it but the current climate does not seem enchanted with my odd breed of imaginative range.

It’s not another children’s book deal. As much as I continue writing for my children and everyone else’s, the time for mass production of my middle grade novels has yet to come.


Strange how you can’t fight fate.


I began in nonfiction and have always met with most of my success in telling the truth of what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced. I don’t know why I tried to push for other genres to make my name. I love writing everything, really, but part of it is that I never wanted to just be known as “that Pagan author” or “that mouthy woman.” Part of it is also the fact that certain members of my family judge me much more harshly than anyone else on the planet. At times I wonder if they would tighten the noose if classic witch hunts came back in style and I was to be hanged for sharing my insights and love of all connections in the universe.

None of that matters now. I’m ready to face everything without fear and just be the me I always am, even on paper for a worldwide audience.


Yes. I have a deal for my first real full-length nonfiction Pagan book through Llewellyn Worldwide. It’s been a long time coming. Everything led here and I knew it from the start. I’ve always been the bookworm, the researcher who experimented with myself and human spirituality. I just needed to be ready.


When you hunger for that “lottery-ticket” deal that turns you into a famous writer, you’re not really ready. It took me so long to understand that.

I turned down the opportunity to have Llewellyn publish my last release, “Walk Your Path.” It wasn’t easy, but they needed it to have more direction and required many changes. I wrote that novella sized instructional style memoir more to gain my footing. It wasn’t a right fit at the time but they were respectful of my decision and I appreciate that.

A smaller publisher did what I needed.


With that under my belt I crafted something more suited for others. It was less about me and more about what readers need. THAT is when you’re ready. When you don’t need the deal right now, you don’t crave any notoriety or fame, just that simple shared experience and understanding that is always at the heart of every writer.

I worked with an amazing editor at Llewellyn to make sure this next book properly translates my thoughts and experiences for anyone who wishes to read it. It was the hardest I’ve ever worked. Painful at times, but I knew it was necessary.

And here I am:

Still without an agent….

Still without legendary Neil Gaiman status…

And yet I am better for it.

My work stands on its own. It finally spoke for itself. It’s finally ready. And how am I?


I’m not nervous, or dying for release day. It will come in time. My faith in my work stands. I crossed a bridge that I didn’t even realize I had built from stray twigs and stones.

I’m still hiking and swimming and digging and planting. I’m living, as we always should do for as long as we can. Regardless of what goals we reach or what lies ahead, life is always living. Breathe it in and feel that. Trust your instincts. They always take us where we need to go.

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