Oh that silly Hiatus

I’m more than 10 days into my biannual writing hiatus. I like to work and there is still plenty to be done, but clearing the gunk from my mind and letting the ideas stew is something I have to do.


June and December always prove to be crazy months. All pandemics and unrest aside, there are so many activities and events to attend that fitting writing in makes everything worse. 10 months out of the year I’m a work horse. I love finishing pieces before deadlines and making sure I don’t waste a single moment.


This month holds plenty of other work. Editing, research, reading, cleaning up toddler drool…


By the end of the month I’ll be dying to write again and bursting with new energy. Right now I’m focusing on finding what joy I can in just functioning like a regular person. Instead of obsessing over outlines and submissions I’m remembering to smile at the sun, swing in the shade, and swim in my favorite lake.

Lincoln Lake

Gearing up for birthing another baby makes it all more interesting. I need time to just be home, decorate the nursery, and gush over tiny baby clothes.


It’s been a crazy year. Many of us have faced new obstacles and tragedy, but somehow summertime eases all of that. Writers especially get stereotyped as “indoor cats” but fresh air and vitamin D revitalize our work.


We need this time just as much as everyone else. Even if you’re just taking a day to sip lemonade taking some time to enjoy a carefree summer moment is the best way to tend your mental, physical, and spiritual health after all that’s happened. The rose bushes are blooming, the sky is bluer than ever. Enjoy it!

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