Who’s REALLY Hurting?

While the democrats and republicans hold our votes hostage for political gain I’m sitting here doing the math. Anyone hoping for a second stimulus should knows that nothing will be resolved until after tomorrow’s elections. Why should they? It’s much more “fun” for these elected officials to play with our tax dollars and manipulate voters into leaning one way or another by putting money and financial futures on the table.

I never much liked the Coke or Pepsi challenge in politics. Both sides have some major issues. But setting that aside I’m over here looking at the different proposals for the stimulus packages and it’s insanity.

See, in my house we can’t spend more than we make. There is no magical funding we can “borrow” from other than the insurance policies we’ve already paid greatly into and even then, paying it back is much more involved than the kind of “taxing” politicians perform to “balance” shitty budgets.

“But people are hurting?”

The economy was destroyed by shut downs. The cost of food has skyrocketed, yet anyone who is out of work (and properly filed for unemployment) was not only entitled to 100% of lost wages, but were also being gifted a magical $600 extra each month. Some people have had issues getting their pay, but the majority of individuals have been well taken care of during this insanity while those “essential” workers who bust their butts everyday are the ones who have been truly struggling to make ends meet.

Hours have been cut and wages slashed because “we’re all in this together.”

I write for a local small business and love my job. Back in April we went down to part time work for a month. My family and I are still recovering from those cuts, but business is thriving again and my boss just offered a raise. Things will get better because I stuck with a company that understands loyalty. I’m one of the lucky ones.

My husband is a delivery driver and his prospects are another story. Tips were great for those first 2 weeks the country “shut down” but after that everyone forgot about the hardship of working off of the kindness of others. Tips are as crappy as can be, if existent at all now.

The people who are in need are not those sitting at home getting full pay and griping about their extra money expiring last Friday. My ex-husband reaped that “wonderful” benefit and instead of refinancing his house and getting MY name off the mortgage (which was agreed upon in our divorce papers over 4 years ago), he decided to buy more video games, a hammock, and legos. ~How very responsible~

It’s the main reason I didn’t fight for the house in the first place. I just needed to get away from that kind of drain on my life. My children needed a better example in their everyday doings. And there may have to be a lawsuit to finally free my credit of that drain in the future.

But I can budget for anything. My sister is convinced I can squeeze money out of rocks. In reality I just know how to tighten things. I don’t need to eat out, buy the latest clothes, or bankrupt my family with extraneous expenses. I’ve donated my body for medical research in the past. I’m a bit too old and motherly for that now, but selling items we no longer need offers that same breed of overflow to fill in the blanks.

I was raised to take care of my damn self and not expect anything from anyone else. My veggie garden is flourishing and Farmer’s Markets seem to be the only real freedom left in this country at times.

So when democrats propose a bill to extend more money to those who aren’t working (plenty of businesses are begging for new hires) and illegal immigrants who haven’t paid into the system I have to ask: Where is this magical money coming from?

Printing more just devalues our currency…

When republicans decide they want to push for liability protections for businesses and doctors over looking out for the hard-working people who have been busting their asses throughout this circus, I have to wonder why?

I should be able to sue any doctor that improperly hooks up a ventilator (which was a leading cause of covid deaths at the beginning, not the virus itself). As a “free” American, I should be protected, not the corporations and quacks out there.

The cynicism is REAL right now. When solutions are scarce all we have left is our sense of humor.

I’m laughing at our system right now, and the people who play it. I’m also working my ass off to make sure that me and mine are as self-reliant as possible, checking in on neighbors is a must as well.

If we’re truly “in this together” then we can’t look to a bunch of overpaid egotists to help us. Our communities, neighbors, families, and friends are the ones who ease the burden. Never forget that. As more politicians make “light” of the situation for campaigning, we need to stick together and tell these “leaders” who’s in charge.

They work for us, not the other way around.   

2 thoughts on “Who’s REALLY Hurting?

  1. bethcusack says:

    I’m disappointed you wrote this. Yes, we need to put our politicians to work – agreed. Yes, your family and ours are financially conservative and keeping in touch with our neighbors. BUT I bet you took out a loan for a car and your home (unless you’re renting) AND you probably sometimes use a credit card say for online orders. So that’s not truly spending what you make. I am disappointed that your post lumps all the people receiving the 600 per week into one category and judges them as lazy or just lurking illegally. Your ability to get a loan/credit card statistically is easier for you as a white person. So you don’t address the systemic racism that frequently comes into play when minorities go to apply for a car/home loan or credit card. They pay way higher rates if they are able to get a loan statistically. Do you know each of their circumstances – the people who receive these 600/wk payments? What if they’re having to pay COBRA prices for healthcare or without any healthcare bc they were working part-time? You won’t be able to know this kind of data because the US govt keeps lousy records of that if any records at all. The US government doesn’t event track eviction notices…it doesn’t care. Your blog plays right into the hands of corporations…hope you like that.

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