“The Circus of Stolen Dreams” by Lorelei Savaryn (Book Review)

I’m always excited to cross paths with up and coming authors and fate led me to get an advanced copy of this new middle grade release (which is out TODAY)! It’s a great story. Here’s just a piece of my review for Litreactor:

A circus that allows you to escape your troubles…

So many people read for escapism, but Andrea isn’t running away from the usual middle school woes. Instead of having to worry about acne, mean girls, or crushes, she’s dealing with her brother’s disappearance and the effects it has on her family. It’s been 3 years and life hasn’t been the same. And to make things worse, her parents decide to get rid of all her brother’s stuff. 

She can’t take it. She finds herself wandering,  and comes upon a mystical circus where the admission is just a memory. 

It’s a pretty hefty setup for a middle grade story, but there is plenty to entertain young minds as well as older ones. As a parent, I always like to check out what’s going on in the genre, which is how I happened upon Lorelei Savaryn’s highly anticipated release. There is a lot to absorb here: dreams, nightmares, and the fear of not knowing what’s real or fiction anymore. 

For the full review, click here: https://litreactor.com/reviews/review-the-circus-of-stolen-dreams-by-lorelei-savaryn

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