Fairy Houses!

There’s always time for imagination.

There’s something special about making something fun. Painting pictures, writing silly songs, telling tales by a fire… all of the creative elements of life are great for our minds. They lead us to explore the undefined and discover possibilities we never would have though of without that spark of adventure.

So many people are trying to make a living off of creativity. Why wouldn’t they? It’s fun and sometimes profitable.

But then whatever happened to just crafting something for the sake of enjoyment? I guess everything needs a purpose. Enjoyment can meet that end, or sometimes it’s competition, achievement, personal expression… whatever works.

This year has been a great time to hone a skill or talent. It’s also driven more of us to look forward to the fun that hasn’t been cancelled.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but so far the 2020 STL Ren Faire is still on. It’s outdoors, and spaced plenty with or without new rules and regulations. Yeah it’s nerdy and silly and maybe a little immature at times, but we all need to forget ourselves and get out with others.

There’s also a fairy house garden where people can build cute little fairy homes and enter them into a competition (and get 2 free tickets for entering). I don’t care about winning these kinds of things, the free tickets are a bonus when you have a gaggle of kids, but in truth, just having something to make for fun and share with others is an element of life that has been missing for a while.

So, being the big fat pregnant lady that I am right now (I’m at 9 months and ready to pop whenever), I decided to take a little time to be a kid with my daughters. We each built our own fairy houses. Our personalities definitely came through.

My soon-to-be 8 year old got hers done first. She loves to just get to work and run with whatever flies into her head. (Very similar to me)

And she even made a little fairy, complete with sunflower petal wings-I might be gushing.

My eldest took a lot more time and care on hers. She did a lot of painting because she wanted hers to resemble a mushroom. I think it’s darling.

Now, mine looks probably more fit for the kid’s competition. Some of the things adults do are wayy to elaborate and store-bought for me. We tried to only used things around the house: seashells we’ve collected, rocks, peddles, stones, sticks, twigs, leaves, etc.

It’s not nearly as good as what my daughters’ were able to do, but it’s grown on me haha

We had so much fun making them, we don’t really care who wins. We’ll have fun at the ren faire. And even if that somehow get’s cancelled, these silly little houses are a slash of color and love. That’s all we all really need right now anyway.

I hope everyone finds something fun to do that helps them enjoy the rest of this summer and welcome fall. There’s always something to look forward to.

3 thoughts on “Fairy Houses!

  1. Ren says:

    Oh what fun!! Good for all of yous! Thank you for sharing this. Imagination is powerful!

    Few years ago, I had a 3 year old teach me how to make fairy houses. She gathered the perfect sticks and carefully placed them in teepee fashion against a planter on the patio. That’s it! Done. I loved it!!

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