The Art of Fire Scrying

You don’t have to believe in magic to believe in links to the past. I draw from the lessons my grandparents taught me everyday. This time of year is especially important to me because I am a Pagan/witchy woman.

I just recently had a baby and every time I birth a new child that calling to communicate with my ancestors grows stronger. My grandmother seems closer in spirit than ever. Her warmth and love meant everything to me and everyone who knew her.

Sitting before a fire relaxes my mind and sometimes leads to meditations that bring out more from myself and my connection to the unknown. Images spark in the fire. Voices are heard in the crackling. When practiced and controlled this is called fire scrying. It is not an exact science. It could just be a product of imagination, but there are some messages that prove to be factual reality.

October is an electric month. The 31st is a very powerful night, especially this year (being on a blue moon and all). I wrote a piece about connecting to one’s ancestors through fire scrying for this month’s issue of Witch Way Magazine and whether you believe in this technique or not, it’s definitely worth a try. You might discover something about yourself you never understood.

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