Rock the Ween

Halloween is never cancelled.

In some states, certain leaders can say what they want, but the veil will still thin. Ancestors still came before us. Our connections will be stronger than ever-thanks to the full moon blessings.

My family and I enjoyed running around the pumpkin patch and our annual party. Things may be a little toned down this year but the energy is still there. The spirit will still connect if you’re willing.

AND, best of all… I’m finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do…

(No it’s not dressing up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-as much as I want to do that!)

At my house, me and my husband, are finally handing out full sized candy bars!!!

I’ve always wanted to be THAT house. The one kids dream of haha

When I was a kid, the apartment complex I lived in was so shabby that I didn’t even know that was possible. The first time I found myself standing on a stoop being gifted the glory of a full-sized treat was when I was a teenager and my parents had scrimped and saved enough to get a nice house in a sweet neighborhood.

I was stunned. I just stood there blinking, afraid to take it for a minute. It was Kyle Sharamitaro’s house. We went to school together and I kind of flit about different groups. I knew of him but didn’t really know him.

Before that my family had struggled so much that one year we went trick or treating early so we could come back and take some of our candy to give out to other kids because my parents couldn’t afford to buy any, but they wanted to give something.

So doing this. Being THAT house with THIS love means the world to me. We’re not super rich or even very well-off. Hell, to be honest we have a tight budget, but I squeaked this into it because this year deserves better and so do all the kids (young or old).

I don’t care if you’re a baby or a boomer, if you come to my house on Halloween, you’re getting candy. Period.


8 thoughts on “Rock the Ween

      1. Content Catnip says:

        Yes when you can appreciate these small things and have gratitude for them it can make life very happy. I am the same. I am grateful to light candles and thank the gods each day and watch the seasons turn xxx

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