More Bookies!

Finishing… again

Publishing is an uncertain world. There’s been a lot of uncertainty in life lately. Sure nothing is ever certain until it’s done, but society has shifted so much this year that writing is a habit that’s supported me like a crutch.

I don’t want to rely on it too much (Says the woman who writes for a living). Still, there’s a lot of potential out there. When it comes to life and my work I just keep plowing through.

This hard work is paying off. It takes time, but it always pays off.

I have a major book release slated for May of next year (available for pre-order now), AND I just finished another nonfiction title that I absolutely love. I have no idea how either of these projects will be received or what the market is going to look like next spring.

At this point I don’t even know what New Year’s will be like.

But I don’t care. My writing has evolved and so have I. I love the topics I’ve focused on and how they can be applied to everyday life for so many other people.

Earlier I texted my husband, “I don’t even care if the book sells, I just want people to focus on bettering themselves instead of attacking each other.”

That thought flew from my fingertips before I could really comprehend it, but it perfectly defines my writing this past year. Yes, I would love for my books to reach a wide audience. Of course, I will do everything I can to share my work with you. But when I sit down and think about what I’m doing and what it means to me, it is all about love.

I love people. We’re nowhere near perfect but we can share some beautiful moments.

I love writing. I’m not the greatest pen-holder ever but I always wish to improve this art.

And I love finishing what I start. Completing any task is a reward in itself, sharing the product of your hard work is true happiness.

Getting to write about what I want how I want, now that, that is a gift. This latest book isn’t just more spiritual nature love; it’s centered on trees in specific. Getting back to the woods and the plants that we cannot live without. I love that.

During the lockdowns hiking and climbing trees gave me a sense of normalcy. It’s there for anyone who needs it. No matter what happens or how hard things have been, we’re still here, we’re still trying and that is a major theme that’s been there for me all throughout my life.   

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