Year Zero

The agenda

D. Klaus Schwab (founder and leader of the World Economics Forum has declared that “2021 should be a new Year Zero.”

Sure on the surface (if you don’t know your history) that might sound nice. People are hurting and a new beginning might be just what everyone needs. It supposedly worked after WWII, right?

That’s what he claims. But no one called it Year Zero in that era, that term came from a different kind of “leader” decades after.

Please don’t be fooled. Year Zero has some serious baggae. And it’s not super great. After WWII the world entered what is now being called a “year zero” phase where everything was rebuilt anew. But decades later In 1975 millions of Cambodians began being slaughtered, as well as Asians in other island countries for, “Year Zero,” as their leader declared it. A year where there would be a start to a new era. An era with no distinction between classes because the people were no longer allowed to have books, schools, hospitals or money.

I first read about this in middle school when finding the book, “Children of the River,” by Linda Crew. In it the main character and her family fled to the U.S. as refugees. But what happens when there is nowhere to flee?

When the founder and leader of the World Economic Forum says that “2021 should be a new Year Zero,” I find it curious. We have not been destroyed by war, and if certain leaders in certain areas would stop restricting their constituents business practices and patronage, the economy would make a full recovery being that covid19 was not the plague it was feared to be. Less that 1% of the global population has died from it and areas that lockdown had up to 40% more deaths.

Cases may be on the rise but most people don’t even show symptoms and the average age of death from covid is 80, whereas our average life-expectancy is 78. So you are more likely to die of old age than covid.

It leads me to believe that we are being mocked.

My grandfather fought in WWII. He killed nazis in the French countryside and was awarded a Purple Heart when getting shot himself. He didn’t go through all of that so we could fall prey to totalitarianism under the guise of misdirection, “safety,” or “kindness.”

Dr. Klaus Schwab is a fan of “the great reset” and is plotting for a 4th industrial revolution that requires us to become transhumans. This guy is all for merging humanity with technology. Remember Andrew Yang’s suggestion that we all have barcodes on our phones? That is nothing compared to this.

What about those of us who don’t always carry our phones with us? What about the people who believe in preserving biological science as nature intended?

Talk about a God Complex. These people base their policies off of flawed predictions that are often inaccurate. There are plenty of ways to live healthier, cleaner lives, than forcing transhumanism as a potential norm. This will not solve our issues, or those of the ecosystems of the world.

Schwab’s new book details it all, only with a fun happy spin. Remember the “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy,” commercial and statement that was taken down when people were outraged. They may have removed the content, but that is still the plan of many powerful un-elected members of world organizations.

Our kindness and lack of information is being used against us. Sure it sounds like a, “crazy conspiracy theory,” if you only believe things that are reported by the corporate media, but there is a wealth of truth hiding in plain sight that MSN wouldn’t ever dare report on.

We cannot expect anyone to save us. We have to fight this with everything that we are. There is no other way.

How to fight back

-Keep your families close and make sure you know your neighbors.

-Be active within your local communities because we are going to need each other.

-Own at least 1 set of long range (26 mile) walkie talkies that are powered by AA or AAA batteries. The rechargeable Lithiom ion ones will be useless when your power is shut off for long time frames.

-Stock up on batteries (but don’t clear the shelves and share with neighbors and friends. There is no place for hoarding in “the great reset”)

-Own a weather emergency broadcasting am/fm radio that is again, run off of AA and AAA batteries.

-Have plenty of flashlights on hand.

-Keep a backup generator ready

-Stock up on food & water (But again don’t clear the shelves like some selfish asshole. Tossing an extra can of pineapples and a few cans of soup each grocery run is good enough to build up each week)

-Have a good stock of matches, and maybe some kindling

-Plant fruit trees and do as much backyard, basement hydroponics, and porch gardening as possible. Make sure to get non-GMO heirloom seeds (if you haven’t already) or your crops won’t be able to reproduce for planting seasons to come.

-DO NOT wear a mask. 80% of people with severe covid19 cases wore their masks religiously. They do little more than serving as an adult security blanket. BUT they have allowed various governments to test technology that identifies people by their eyes alone. How exciting. We gave them that ability by complying out of “kindness.”

-DO NOT adhere to any lockdowns. It’s time to say enough is enough. The same amount of people died last year in our “global pandemic” as the year before it, so covid is obviously NOT the plague. Cases may be up but The average age of death from covid is 80, the average life expectancy, 78. States that had tight lockdowns saw more deaths than ones that were fully open. If that doesn’t spell it out for you, I don’t think anything will.

-ARM yourself however you can (even books are weapons in the war on knowledge). History is being rewritten to divide us. Keep the old books your grandparents passed down. Go to resale shops and stock up on nonfiction and literature that supports the human spirit of connection. I am a proponent of self defense methods so yes, if you are trained and law-abiding, having a knife, gun, and/or pepper spray you can maybe buy yourself some time in a crisis (or go out like a lion).

IF EVERYONE opens their businesses and REFUSES to cover their faces THEY CANNOT STOP US.

We are many and they are few. Let’s show them what we can do!

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