My Backlash Against Socialism and how I relate to the North Las Vegas Mayor Switching Political Parties

Indoctrination in public education is so easily carried out nowadays, it’s amazing students graduate with any sense of purpose. I came out of it hating America for a time. But like these immature ideas, over time I realized it wasn’t my country that’s the problem-it is those who seek out to undermine the principles and foundation of the constitution that are what destroys the American dream for everyone.

When you realize that just being able to openly criticize your government, pray how you like or don’t like, and eat whatever the hell you want isn’t a luxury offered to others in many other areas of the globe, you start to appreciate what you have a bit more.

We are a country of soft, obese, whiny brats but it’s our right to live how we choose. I, myself, work hard to maintain good health, good habits, and good ties, and that is also my right (though I do plenty of whining, we all do it). Individual liberties are still a concept which many rulers and governments wish to destroy. Yet here, for now, Americans are able to walk outside and shout whatever obscenities they like without facing repercussions.

When we get fed up with ourselves and wish to blame someone else, or “the system” it’s probably better to just open a window and scream, “PENIS!” and laugh, rather than work against our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Because in my experiences, some people (a lot of people lately) don’e want to be happy. They enjoy complaining about being miserable. And THAT is also part of the American dream.

So read on about my personal understanding of the switch from flaming liberal, to conservative independent.

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