The Tales of Bronherrn

2021 was Bronhernn’s year. A year of adventure and fantasy, and I have had so much fun sharing this story with you chapter by chapter each Friday. I wrote it so long ago editing was hell but your comments and love have been heaven so it all balanced out.

I will always work to offer some free reading content. Having been raised poor, and knowing what it means to struggle, I could never find myself riding any horses that get too high.

For anyone who would like to read the entire novel, here is every chapter (so you don’t have to seek my site all over):

Chapter 1-Worthy Woman Warrior:

Chapter 2-A Taste of Blood:

Chapter 3-Aethelwyn:

Chapter 4-Friendly Fight:

Chapter 5-At War:

Chapter 6-The Shifting World:

Chapter 7-Preparations:

Chapter 8-Journey of Necessity:

Chapter 9-Back to the Battlefield:

Chapter 10-The Story of Rennerce:

Chapter 11-A Fall:

Chapter 12-Right Hand Man:

Chapter 13-The Dungeon:

Chapter 14-In Captivity:

Chapter 15-Temptations:

Chapter 16-Betrayal:

Chapter 17-New Journey:

Chapter 18-A New Life:

Chapter 19-Settling In:

Chapter 20-A Choice:

Chapter 21-A Long Way:

Chapter 22-Winter:

Chapter 23-Insight:

Chapter 24-Returning Home:

Chapter 25-The Weight:

Chapter 26-A New Army:

Chapter 27-Finding A Way:

Chapter 28-A New Era:

Chapter 29-Understanding:

Chapter 30-The Zuthan Lands:

Chapter 31-Aiding the People:

Chapter 32-Compromise:

Chapter 33-Working Wonders:

Chapter 34-A Chieftess’ Home:

Chapter 35-A New Life:

Chapter 36-New Struggles:

Chapter 37-Reunited:

Chapter 38-Familiarity:

Chapter 39-A Weary Heart:

Chapter 40-Coming Together:

Chapter 41-Onward:

Chapter 42-A Reckoning:

Chapter 43-The Aftermath:

Chapter 44-Bitter Cold:

Chapter 45-New Hopes:

Chapter 46-Another Heart:

Chapter 47-Lost:

Chapter 48-A New Age:

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