iCarly Actress Jennette McCurdy Reveals Her Mother Was Abusive, “Obsessed With Making Me A Star”


Okay, so this was an assignment. An article I would have never pitched, because, as most of you know, I’m not really into celebrity news unless it’s super super relevant to current events and serious issues. BUT I’m really glad Evie put me on this one.

McCurdy’s story is part of exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood. Instead of being preyed upon by pedo elites, she was abused by her own mother. It’s sad and sounds super tragic, BUT (there’s another but here), McCurdy isn’t playing the victim card. I really respect that. She’s not sitting around getting deals for Lifetime movie re-tellings of her childhood.

Instead, she is writing, directing, and really finding her own creative outlet. As a writer I’m probably a bit biased. I mean as soon as I found out she’s writing a book I was like, “Yay for reading!”

But for real, there is a HUGE difference between a victim and a survivor. After abuse it’s easy to get stuck in the self-pitcy cycle. Plenty of us have been there. Especially me. Even so, it’s way more fun to “rise above” and learn to laugh and experience life for all it truly is.

I mean, you gotta love someone who writes a dark comedy about their childhood called, “I’m Glad My Mom Died” haha

So read on, pleeeeeease (or check out McCurdy’s new projects:


10 thoughts on “iCarly Actress Jennette McCurdy Reveals Her Mother Was Abusive, “Obsessed With Making Me A Star”

      1. 5thgenerationgirl says:

        It’s strange, but I recently discussed this with other writers. Every since I began focusing on my writing & doing it full time, movies that I use to love I no longer enjoy because I now view with a different lens/ perspective & hadn’t realized until others shared the same experience.

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