Get with the Bit: White House Downplays Inflation While Cryptocurrency Offers Alternatives

I’m no computer genius, but I like to listen, absorb. There’s a lot of information floating around nowadays so it’s harder to know what’s real and what’s not.

My love of information drives me to look to all forms of communication. Though I do fear a “robot uprising” and the dangers of “the technocracy,” digital currency is an option I can’t refuse to consider. It’s more stable, not controlled by corrupted governments or a central bank, and (contrary to popular belief) it cannot be endlessly reproduced. There is a limited supply. It’s more like a modern gold standard than a lot of people understand.

The concept is difficult to fully comprehend. I’m lucky, my brother in-law is a bit of a tech genius so he offers sound advice. I wanted to lay out what I know, and what I’m finding to be valuable information, in layman’s terms.

Especially since the US dollar is being devalued every damn day. Read more, in my article for The New American.

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