Mothers Separated From Newborn Babies Due to COVID-19 (So glad I had homebirths!)

I gave birth to my youngest back in September of 2020. It was my 4th homebirth and went so quickly that the midwife didn’t get to my house until a minute after my son was born. But thankfully her assistant was there, I know what to do, and my son is the biggest and healthiest of all my little ones.

My sister just welcomed her 2nd baby into the world. She had complications the first time around and would have died if not giving birth at our local birthing center. The restrictions and added covid stresses nearly drove her and my brother in-law crazy. The fear of having your baby taken away for an undetermined amount of time because of a positive covid test (whether you’re a-symptomatic or not) is a horror that no mother or newborn should have to face. But it IS happening.

I was suspicious of factorized hospitals BEFORE the pandemic, and this does not help ease any concerns. Please read my latest article for TNA:

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