Americans Who Get COVID Vaccine May Travel to EU This Summer

International travel usually comes with some health requirements. But requiring people to get a vaccine that was rushed, has already had complications, and isn’t proven to be less deadly than the COVID-19 virus (which barely affects most of the population) is questionable protocol.

Many of the vaccines already required had proper time and testing to ease patients’ minds. The covid jab, by contrast, is being pushed by the medical industry and The Biden Admin, yet these “professionals” are still social distancing, wearing masks, and acting as if there is no benefit to the shot.

The power grabs and political inconsistencies make me research and question everything. This move is no different. The EU will not be allowing the “unvaccinated” to travel within their borders.

I wonder how long this will go on and how far it will be taken. Will we eventually make the “unvaccinated” the lowest class? The media is already pretending that well-educated people who display “vaccine hesitancy” as stupid or lesser beings.

Just last week St. Vincent’s volcano erupted, but only those who were vaccinated were allowed to be evacuated. The people there are poor (by our standards). They don’t have the money or access that many of us do even if they wanted the jab.

This kind of medical tyranny is inexcusable.

We’re supposed to promote open borders in the name of “human rights” but then restrict travel due to covid? If this really were the plague: 1. All travel would be restricted. 2. All borders would be closed. 3. We would see evidence of mass deaths, not just news theatre.

“My body my choice” has flown out the window and now we’re at “roll up your sleeve or else…” All for a virus that 99.97% of people survive.

It’s amazing how many people just take the BS and bow down. It really is. The double-standards and inconsistencies are too large for anyone to ignore.

I’ll stay put. My “unvaccinated” self prefers to live as nature intended: until my body decides it’s not longer able to work on its own.

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