New Moon Girls, Beautiful Girl Issue!

Every girl deserves to feel beautiful. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” always, right?

New Moon Girls Magazine has an annual Beautiful Girls issue where they publish stories on young ladies who are beautiful inside and out. This is such a great tribute to girlhood and what it means to be a female.

My eldest was featured a few years back, and this year, my youngest daughter is now featured. Though they are both very different people, their beauty shines through. That is a message I hope all women recognize. You don’t have to look or act a specific way to be beautiful just so long as you know who you are and you utilize that to offer balance (and maybe some positivity) to the world.

My 8 year old is obsessed with toads and frogs. She loves getting muddy AND wearing dresses. She doesn’t like to see other kids hurting and is a total extrovert.

Every time we go out and find other kids at the park or wherever we go, she always introduces herself and asks other kids about themselves because she is genuinely interested in connecting with others. It’s a quality I think I may have passed down, but who knows. She def has my temper, but it doesn’t hinder her because she’s learning how to be in control of herself and enjoy everything that makes her unique.

I hope all girls love themselves and share that love so they can also find beauty in others.

New Moon Girls does this every year, so you can always start thinking up nominations for next year’s issue as well.

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