Discretion without Being Closeted


I hate the term “in the closet.” It’s so cliched and ridiculous at this point. Lots of minorities use the term because it offers a clear picture of what’s going on with people who aren’t openly Pagan or gay or whatever goes against the standard norm.

My mom’s Christian, my sister is a Catholic Atheist… it’s a thing. My husband is a Jewish mystic, I grew up with a Muslim best friend. There’s a lot going on in my world haha

I’ve never hid my faith. I’ve always been a bit of a Pagan, even when I was a kid, so it comes naturally. Not everyone eases into their understanding of the world with such confidence, but balance is so important in living in harmony that I wanted to write about balancing pride in one’s beliefs with discretion.

You gotta know your audience. I’m not going to beat a Pagan drum outside of a Born Again Christian’s (who thinks Pagans are evil) house. But I won’t hide my pentacle or my backyard rituals either. People need time to gain a full understanding of things they’re not used to.

No one should excuse abuse or assault in the name of this, but for those of us who weren’t born into fully Pagan families, extending some extra respect and understanding is the only way to enjoy the company of others.

That’s why I wrote my latest article for Witchology Magazine. Sometimes we get so worked up trying to be proud of our differences that we actually created more barriers. I’ve met plenty of Atheists who look down on anyone who believes in any kind of higher power. They scoff and sneer and practice that good old fashioned snobbery that defines the word “asshole.”

I’ve met Pagans and Christians who follow the same imbalanced practices. Claiming that your religion is older or more refined, or the “true” religion is all just an exclusionary tactic to make others feel bad for not being like you and it’s really not cool.

There is a difference between enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, and treating people unlike yourself as if they are defective.

It seems silly to have to say this. By the same design, hiding from yourself and your true calling is just as damaging to one’s character. So, again, I wrote about balancing discretion without being closeted so other people may find a solid middle ground. I hope it comes across with the good intentions I wrote it with.

Happy June!


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