The Magic of Nature Releases in Print in the UK today!

I love my readers across the pond. “The Magic of Nature,” has done so well in pre-sales in the UK that I’m over here blushing in my little American house. haha

It’s so uplifting to know that all my hard work, and the love I’m spreading, is being received so well.

I have noticed something a bit silly. Just a fun observation for anyone else who obsessively looks at data and the sales #s. In the U.S. the kindle version has sold better, but in the UK the print version has decimated kindle sales already. (Pre-sales are a beautiful thing sometimes)

IDK if Americans are more into screen reading or what, but I must admit, there’s nothing like flipping the pages of a real physical book. So I appreciate all the print lovers out there.

Whether close by or abroad, I’m stunned to know that “The Magic of Nature,” has already sold 1,000 copies. I started out as a small potatoes indie author. Selling 100 books was difficult when my first title was released. No one knows how much this truly means to me, but I’m just completely touched.

So if you’re across the pond, in the states, or chilling anywhere else, I wish you all the magic of nature – whether you read my work or not haha

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