Doctor Calls Out the Vaccine Push After Missouri is Slammed for Low Vaccination Rates

Update: The original article was taken down because it apparently went “too far.” It has been altered and reinstated. Some of the changes were not on my behalf.

The amount of research this one took was painful, but the information is sound. Half of Missouri is vaccinated, despite the fact that COVID-19 vaccines are not FDA approved nor will they finish clinical trials until at LEAST the end of 2022. They say the shots are safe for pregnant women but pregnant women were excluded from all testing.

I’m not “vaccine hesitant” they are on a vaccine frenzy, side-stepping standard protocols to push a rushed shot. The FDA has not once called these vaccines “safe” or “effective” but the CDC and Dr. Facui love shoving that unscientific opinion in our faces and pretending that it is fact.

I believe in factual science which has standard methods and pays no mind to politics. I also believe in informed consent and individual rights.

If you have any interest in understanding the full scope of the situation, check out my latest article:

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