St. Louis Municipalities Refuse to Enforce Reinstated Mask Mandates

Over the past 14 days 4 people died of COVID in St. Louis city. These are clearly not plague numbers.

But the fear and the panic and the mandates are what they want. So instead of showing us the good news that deaths are still on the decline, the media focuses on cases and even “potential cases” where they speculate about cases that just haven’t been recorded (whether they exist or not).

As deadly viruses mutate they almost always become more contagious but less deadly or even harmful because it makes sense to do so. If a virus enters a person and kills it before it can infect someone else, the virus dies too. It is a living being made to change and grow to survive. So with variants and mutations, they often become less deadly to increase their own lifespan.

The Delta Virus boogeyman has led people to allow many cities to reinstate unscientific mandates. In my area, where there has never been a mask mandate we have had significantly fewer deaths than in neighboring St. Louis where masking and distancing and the who shebang was fully enforced.

Here’s hoping the maskers don’t get conditioned to wear their face coverings forever. For now just read:

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