Missouri Governor Launches ‘MO VIP’ Lottery Program That Pays People to Get Vaccinated


I have always and will always support informed consent. If a person decides they wish to be vaccinated, that great. And if they choose not to, I support that too. Everyone is different. We all have different needs and health care providers.

And all this time I have felt lucky to live in Missouri where we never had a mask mandate (and despite the media frenzy over “rising cases” our death rate is low and still on the decline), our lockdown was exceptionally short, and our governor has protected individual rights. The entire basis of a free America was built on rugged individualism, because no matter what anyone says the most oppressed minority in history has always been, and unfortunately will probably remain, the individual.

So when Gov Parson unveiled this, suddenly, and flamboyantly I was shocked and appalled. But I understand it. He’s incentivizing a rushed experimental vaccine that is NOT FDA approved and will NOT finish clinical trials until at least 2022, probably because he’s feeling the heat.

But it’s still voluntary.

I can feel the world closing in at times. All throughout this, not matter what you believe it is and has been in some way or other.

When we’re literally bribing people to take a shot that hasn’t been on the market long enough to properly test, to combat a virus that barely effects anyone who isn’t already dying, you have to at least question the motives…

or maybe not.

Either way, I do and have and a lot of readers have reached out to me as my work progresses throughout the insanity. There are plenty of doctors, nurses, teachers, shop owners, and more who are concerned about the bigger picture, and not controlled by mainstream media propaganda. If you’re one of those people, I hope my writing offers you some peace with this simple message: You are not alone.


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