St. Louis Welcomes Afghan Refugees

We should have gotten American civilians out first, then weapons and equipment, followed by our troops and the Afghans who worked with us. But what should have happened in Afghanistan goes back much further than recent events.

We can believe in putting America and American first and still care for others in other areas. We can love one another and extend our concerns to everyone that shares the human spirit.

I’m ashamed of our “leaders” and their vampiric behavior, but it’s not like this is anything new.

For some reason I can’t stop writing about it. I can’t stop watching videos and staring at photos of people who are desperate, fleeing, or already been slaughtered. I can’t help but understand why so many other nations hate us and that we will never be able to heal until we stop fighting over our petty difference and live up to our own ideals.

I’m sick of identity politics, wars for profit, medical tyranny, the uniparty; all of it. I think most Americans are too. Our tax money is abused and misused and we’re supposed to just sit and watch as our supposed leader brushes off real questions and concerns to continue driving us into the ground.

You learn a lot about people from just reading the comments. I wrote this latest piece to offer some hope, but there is so much mistrust that we can’t see past our fears.

Fear is always a weapon. It was used against us during the pandemic–which turned out to be safe for 99.97% of the population–it’s being used against us now, and it will be used against us again.

No one has all the answers, but 2 things can help us all right now: some patience and some decency. Remain diligent. Always prepare and “keep your guns” but don’t forget compassion and the importance of the human connection on the road to preserving our freedoms and rights that define the American Dream.

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