Deepfakes Are The Latest Digital Threat To Women

I wasn’t sure about this assignment. I’m 100% pro-freespeech, but what happens when the rights of speaking freely are manipulated through digital technology? Is it perjury, harassment? I’m not sure.

Deepfakes are new and can be used for fun, but the main issue is that they are often used to superimpose another women’s face on the body of someone engaging in sex acts and shared online. I have no idea what I’d do if my face was found in a porn I didn’t make. Would I feel violated, angry at the content and its the creator? I honestly don’t know. I mean, I’d know it wasn’t ME because that’s just not my thing.

I’m pretty outspoken and I don’t usually cave to any kind of pressure, but taking this further, what if I were accused of committing a crime I didn’t commit because someone posted a deepfake video of it? Would the police be able to tell it wasn’t me? In doing my research, probably not. A mother was accused of creating a deepfake to harass a girl on the same cheerleading squad as her daughter and law enforcement were totally convinced she did it without evidence that she even had the technology to do so.

If this concerns you, take a read at my latest Evie piece. It’s def something worth noting:

2 thoughts on “Deepfakes Are The Latest Digital Threat To Women

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    I stopped using my real photo on social media because I was getting bombarded by men wanting to hook up and romance scammers trying to bully me into engaging with them. Facebook and Instagram are notorious for predators preying on women and kids. And then it started happening on LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a professional site. So, while there are good things about social media, it isn’t worth it to subject yourself to that kind of attention. And, the woke mob is so insane, I can see them using someone’s photo in all kinds of ways to embarrass and destroy them. But, I also believe in the Law of Karma!

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