7 Types Of Mothers-In-Law And How To Handle Them


I LOVE my mother in-law… we have no issues… I SWEAR!

Okay not everybody’s gonna get along all the time. Certain expectations just cannot be met, but when you’re trying to get along with your in-laws it’s good to consciously recognize what makes them tick. Know your audience.

If you’re mother in-law is a drug hugging hippie I doubt you’ll be able to discuss the economy or the dangers of communism to her haha And if she’s an evangelical pro-lifer who prays the second you walk in the door, you might want to politely refrain from dancing naked under the full moon in front of her.

It IS possible to be different and still respect each other with grace and dignity. Read the full article if you want to know what’s up and maybe laugh a bit:


8 thoughts on “7 Types Of Mothers-In-Law And How To Handle Them

  1. Content Catnip says:

    I have a great mother in law she’s got her idiosyncrasies but she’s loveable and very laid back. So glad I don’t have the toxic types you mention. I’m glad you have a nice one too xx

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