The Testimonies Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Alleged Victims

I don’t trust any media sources, and I’m especially suspicious of those that are silent on this trial. But the powers that be knew what they were doing when they scheduled the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s partner during the holiday season.

It’s as if someone wants us to overlook it. Get too wrapped up in ourselves and our celebrations.

From a reporter’s standpoint, I myself didn’t want to write about it. It’s a heavy topic. Very draining. But since very few media sources are blasting this as hard as they blasted the Jan 6th sit-in, the 2020 flaming protests, and COVID propaganda, I guess it’s my job.

If found guilty, Ghislaine Maxwell needs to be held accountable for her actions, just as everyone connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-trafficking ring should.

My faith in the courts system is still solid. Read on to hear the testimony from 3 of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims.

6 thoughts on “The Testimonies Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Alleged Victims

  1. Content Catnip says:

    This is so horrible. I think as young women we are so vulnerable to this but we aren’t even aware of it at the time. Looking back I can see many situations I am lucky to have escaped. It makes me so angry to read this. I hope they lock up this woman and throw away the key

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      I definitely want anyone convicted of such crimes punished to the full extend of the law. I was raised to be super cautious but even so it makes me wonder about how many times things could have gone horribly wrong. Cases like these need to be front and center for young girls to really learn from.

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