The Butterbox Babies: The Stolen Babies Of Nova Scotia

Researching this reminded me why I’m not all that big on True Crime stories. I know a lot of people are into shows and documentaries about serial killers and deranged people who committed horrid acts, but that stuff doesn’t really interest me.

I do like a good mystery though, and survivor stories. The older I get the more I appreciate tales of redemption. (Tragedies are for 15 year olds who buy into the farce that “doomed love is sooooo romantic.”)

Writing about The Butter Box Babies was heartbreaking. Not only were babies stolen from their parents, but plenty of them were killed and “disposed of” like garbage for not being cute enough.

This story isn’t for the weak minded. And it’s definitely not written to play into that ridiculous self-hating notion that “humans are the real monsters.” All creatures have damning qualities, and those that redeem their kind. If anything, as a serious supporter of homebirthing, what happened at The Ideal Maternity Home makes me more grateful that I gave birth to all of my children in my own house, and that people like The Youngs are not a common occurrence.

If you want to know how they turned a birthing home into an illegal adoption trade that led to murder, read on:

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