Emotional Disturbances Are Now Emotional Disabilities


“Despite this potential change, some are wondering if focusing on the mere labels of emotional disturbance or emotional disability will offer any form of solution for the underlying issues causing the problems.”  

3 thoughts on “Emotional Disturbances Are Now Emotional Disabilities

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 OK, this is going to have some folk asking ThemSelves “AM I Mentally Ill, do I Have a Mental Illness 🤔 ?” ; let Us Begin with The Taboo and STIGMA!!! of Being Labelled CRAZY!!!…as a Child, and particularly as a Boy who had to ‘Grow Up’ To Be a TOUGH MASCULINE MAN!!! and Treat Ladies 🚺 😌 😏 😍 😋 🤪 🚺 as Delicate Flowers My Journey to “Emotionally” DisAbled began pretty early; then THINGS!!! Turned Out To Be a Lot Different as I ‘Grew Up’ and Realised Ladies 🚺 👩 🚺 ARE a Lot Tougher than I Was Raised To Believe especially when I Learned The Suicide Rate of Males is Far Higher than Females…finally, We Human Beings Have Been Around for Many Years; noone really knows how Many Years and We, apart from a few, STILL!!! Have NOT!!! Figured This “Emotional” THING!!! Out…maybe soon; so let’s just wait and SEE (Soulful “Emotional” Energy) while NOT!!! Forcing Things that Get Children Upset 😡 😕 😪 😔 😞 😢 😡


      1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 A Sick Joke for YOU!!! ALL 🤒 😷 🤧 🤢 🤮 😫 EveryOne:

        A Psychiatric Patient is asked by a Psychiatrist “Do any of your family suffer from mental health illnesses 🤔 ?” and SHE!!! Replies “No, they all seem to enjoy it.”

        Enjoy EveryBody


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