See Washington’s 2021 Public School Test Scores, They’re A Disaster

70% of students failed math! I guess teaching that math is “racist” doesn’t do anyone any favors, huh?

Even in the wealthiest district, 40% of students failed their reading tests. If people don’t realize that the politics decrying educational practices that have worked for hundreds of years is just a way to dismantle the system through the operation of “useful idiots,” you’re probably being used for the idiocracy.

Everyday I wake up grateful that my children were homeschooled from the start. I take any job I can. We scrimp and save. We do not have much. Our kitchen electric is shot (we’re currently running the oven off of an extension cord), and the bathroom sink has been busted for 8 months now, but I would rather my house fall on my head than my children be “educated” by the public school system.

Thankfully we’ve finally saved up enough to get some fixes done btw haha

2 thoughts on “See Washington’s 2021 Public School Test Scores, They’re A Disaster

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Funny Really EveryOne; to Hunt, Burn and Drown Witches was once legal…any system sucks no matter how old it is; these days, as a GentleMan, I AM Accused of Sexual Assault when I Offer a Lady a Compliment, This Way then that Way, fortunately Balance is on The Way


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