Washington Adopts Race Dependent Discipline For Schools


Wow. Just wow. Excusing the behavior of some students over others, solely based on what they look like and their culture, is in fact racism. To assume that black people or Hispanic people aren’t “smart enough” to learn rules and follow them is one of the most backasswards philosophies being implemented in public schools today. It will do no one any favors. I promise you that.

I grew up in a diverse neighborhood. The richest people I know are black, and one of my heroes–Mr. Walter E. Williams was an educated black man who fought against all of this insanity through his teachings.

I just… man. Holy hell. The term “useful idiots” has never made more sense to me than it does now because anyone that buys into this is seriously lacking in some independent thought.

One thought on “Washington Adopts Race Dependent Discipline For Schools

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 As a Proud, Poor, Successful Nigger EveryOne; just for The Record I Totally DisAgree with This White Confused/Conservative or Liberal FUCKING NONE-SENSE…oh, now I AM Racist; once I Was a Baby and didn’t have to concern MySelf with this Stupid White Old Man Separating Shit that Other Niggers have Dumbleyung Bought (pun intended 🙄 ) in to…it’s pretty fucking obvious that DIVERSITY!!! is The Key 🔑 EveryBody; crime is Rebellion Against Oppressive Regimes and The Greedy who Have No Desire to Share, just to Financially and Materially Accumulate at The Cost of Their Soul, Satan has Won with The Weapon of Mammon and Separatism


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