Pro-Choice Activists Know that Their Movement is Wrong

“If abortion is health care, why isn’t seeking other alternatives also considered health care? Better yet, why are pro-choice activists so determined to slander people who love babies?”

My story isn’t rare. Experiences like mine are suppressed by the billion dollar abortion industry. They don’t want people to see all sides, the pain and trauma that 1/3rd of women experience after having an abortion. (I don’t care if you had an abortion and YOU didn’t, or your wife had one and didn’t, that does not cover the masses of women who have and do). And so many of us suffer in silence because everyone just acts as if abortion is normal and healthy.

Denial is a huge part of the coping process. Because women are expected to herald abortion, many cry alone. Many don’t talk about how often they imagine the baby that could have been. Would my little one have been a boy or a girl? What would she look like? Would he have had my eyes?

The baby I aborted would be 20 years old now, and I can’t express how often I think of that. How often I imagine this person that was a part of me whether I aborted them or not.

A lot of women who go through this punish themselves. They do so ruthlessly and without publicizing it. Most of their family and friends never know. It’s a harsh fact. And worst of all, when those of us who realize just how horrible abortion is advocate for life, we are vilified and bullied. I don’t picket, I don’t lobby, I merely discuss my stance with those who will listen. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called advocacy. Instead of being an angry activist I choose decency and love. Instead of lies I choose the honest truth that pro-lifers like me work to help women in need far more than Planned Parenthood ever could.

Planned Parenthood didn’t care about me. They didn’t try to counsel me. They just booked an appointment. When I started to doubt myself and expressed a potential change of heart on the day of my abortion, they rushed me to the procedure room and did it as soon as possible. They just wanted my money.

Read on to really understand:

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