Opinion: I Was A Homeless Teen And I Don’t Support Free Money Programs For Students In Need


I guess I don’t write about that period of my life enough. I was asked to lay out this piece because it’s a pretty strong stance with clear reasoning.

I do want to say that although my mom did abandon me during those times, she did so because she thought she couldn’t help me. Life for both of us was out of control. I tried to kill myself on her watch, so she felt like she failed me. I get it now, though at the time it was pretty rough.

Things could have been far worse if I didn’t ask for help and determine to support myself. There are plenty of people out there who had/have it far worse than I ever did. That’s why charity is so important to me, and why I urge people to reach out to each other. No government program offers the warmth, love, and insight that people offer each other on an individual level. That is the better side of humanity that ruling bodies don’t want you to embrace; you’re own power to be a guiding light in the darkest of times.

I have found the best people in the worst places. For every person who has hurt me at least a dozen more have cared for my well-being.

One thought on “Opinion: I Was A Homeless Teen And I Don’t Support Free Money Programs For Students In Need

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Exist, Experiment, Experience and please 🙏🏿 Survive EveryOne; for Me Married Honestly ‘for better, for worse’ then “abandoned” by My Former Wife who cared then left me to rot and homeless 🏡 NEVER!!! had a Second Marriage 💑 and NOW!!! I Have a Second Wife who actually cares after 15 years as a Divorcee


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